Why email masking in non Prod is a must ?

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In a recent news, over 2000 of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) employees did not receive their paycheck and many received termination notices. Later, it was found that those were mistakenly sent. 

The district had to publicly apologize for the issues and mentioned that they were actively working to resolve the problem and implement measure to prevent it in future. 

In another recent example for a Healthcare company implementing Oracle cloud, we saw employees getting invoices for approval – later it was found that the invoices were sent from a “Test” environment, and not production (Live) environment.

One of the causes that things like this happen is that the Test environments – which are usually a copy or clone of the Production environment, do not have the individual’s email addresses masked. So when a process runs intentionally or by mistake, it ends up sending emails to the real email addresses.

The simplest way to solve this issues with Oracle SaaS Cloud, and EBS too, is to mask the email addresses so that they are not real address, and entire system can function as expected – but will not send emails to actual address. And for testing, users can still update the email address they need for testing, without impacting hundreds of other users.

Oracle Cloud Masking, including email address masking for oracle HCM Saas Cloud is available for FREE of cost to try of KloudStage customers. If you have not already tried it with one of your non prod systems, check it out today.

Our Kloudstage email masking allows you to mask the email to our default setting, or customizable setting of your own liking. For masking 5000 email addresses in Oracle Cloud, it takes about 10 mins. Thats it!

A 10 min automated process that you can run after every environment copy from PROD to non-PROD and save your face internally, publicly, and avoid a lot of hassle!

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