How KloudStage Works?

Kloudstage is an online SaaS platform that works with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications – ERP, HCM, SCM products and provides additional tools and features to support day to day administration, developer productivity and business function enhancements.

Our “Intelligent Scrambling for Oracle Cloud” Data Scrambling service provides seamless ability to mask key data entities in your Oracle SaaS environment. These entities include email address, addresses, phone number, SSN/National identifier, date of birth, names etc. Users can choose which PII entities they want to scramble, and how.

Once configured, users can run the scrambling process to mask the data in the non-prod environment. KloudStage does not store any user data on our servers. Our Intelligent Scrambling process reads and processes your data online in real-time, scrambles it, and stores it back to your non-prod cloud pod.

Try for yourself today, at Or, fill up the contact form below and we will reach out to setup a Demo for you! As always, Email Scrambling is Free for your non-prod pod! So you can start today!

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