How Do You Protect Data Breach From Non-Prod Environment?

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On August 11, a software called MOVEit had a data breach – that caused PII data of 700K Indiana medicaid records to be compromised, among others. It impacted over 500 entities and personal information of over 30 million Americans. This breach was conducted by a foreign-based ransomware group known as Clop.

Granted, you have to take various measure to keep your production data secure and out of reach of hackers, which can be costly and time consuming. Its easy for Oracle Cloud SaaS non prod environment. You can secure your PII data using Kloudstage within fraction of time it will take to secure other environments.

A lot of users, third parties, vendor resources may have access to your non – prod Oracle cloud Saas (Oracle cloud HCM/Financial) environment. You do not want this data in the hands of people who may misuse it. By masking critical PII data such as Social Security Numbers (SSN), data of birth, addresses, phone number etc. in the test and dev pods, you can ensure that this data is not compromised.

Kloustage lets you do this all from our web interface where you connect your Oracle non-prod pods through our secure Oracle cloud infrastructure.

Once connected, you can define the rules for Masking and what entities you want to mask.

Once you are ready, you can run the masking process and depending on your data volume – in under 30 mins – your data is masked! Thats it.

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